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Raising Meat Birds

We’ve got chicks!

Our 25 non-gmo Freedom Ranger chicks arrived on Friday morning, and are now settled into their brooder where they will stay for a few weeks, at which time we will move them out onto pasture.


We dipped each of their beaks into their water dish before placing them in the brooder to make sure they got a drink and to teach them where the water is.


They have two low-hanging heat lamps in the center, where they can huddle together if they’re cold.



We used egg cartons for their feed, and will graduate them to other feeders as they get a bit bigger.



Here is their brooder pen, made with the bottom of a poly-hut.  We laid down newspaper, and covered that with about an inch of pine shavings.


Once they are able to be without the added warmth, they’ll be moved to a chicken tractor and rotated daily onto fresh pasture.

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