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Faith Update

Two months ago, we blood-tested both of our dairy heifers for pregnancy and got positive results for both of them.  Shortly thereafter, we saw Bunny in heat and after a palpation by the vet, received confirmation that she was, in fact “open”.  Womp, womp, womp.


That circumstance, as well as the fact that Faith was only 30 days into her pregnancy when we did her blood test, prompted us to test her again once she was further in to confirm that she was still pregnant.

FullSizeRender (10)

The results are in, and we still have a pregnant cow, ladies and gentlemen!


As you can see, an OD number above 0.21 indicates pregnancy, and that number should continue to go up as the pregnancy progresses.  On her first test, Faith’s results were 0.2384.  Now she is at 0.6771 – a definite increase over the past 65 days!

Six months to go!

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