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DIY Coat Rack

Our little farm house contains exactly one small closet.  How many of our farm jackets, winter coats, and vests do you think are kept in that closet?  If you guessed none, you win the prize.

No closet space = jackets strewn about the house, mostly residing on the backs of the dining room chairs.  Leaving their hay dust from doing farm chores scattered about as they made their way into the house.

We needed a place to hang our coats in the mud room so as to contain their filth in said room, which I have resigned myself to let live up to its name.

Once it was determined that a coat rack was needed, only one question remained.  Why buy a coat rack when your handy husband can make you a unique one?

Or two.

I liked it so much that I wanted one by our front door too, and he was happy to oblige.


Start with a piece of reclaimed wood.  Ours was 32″L x 3/4″W x 5 1/5″H.  For this segment of the project you’ll also need a torch, sanding block, and wood stain.  We purchased a sample size from Home Depot that had been mixed by mistake for $0.50.

The first step is to burn the wood, getting somewhat even coverage over the outermost layer of the wood.

Don’t forget the edges!

Next, use the sanding block to knock off some of the char from the torch.


Transformation is in process.

Burning, round two.  This time instead of going across the entire surface, just make an abstract pattern with the torch.


Like so.


Sand again.


Getting there!

Now it’s time to stain the wood.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: don’t forget the edges.

Let the stain dry, then you’re ready to turn this baby into a coat rack!

FullSizeRender (4)

For this next part of the project you’ll need a measuring tape, and an impact gun with a #2 phillip tip and #2 star nut driver, as well as a drill with a small pilot bit.

The hooks we used are these, but any hooks you like will do.  If you can find used or antique hooks for a complete up-cycled product, more power to ya!

FullSizeRender (5)

Measure 4 inches from one end (centered), and this is where your first hook will be placed.  Then measure 8 inches from the first hook to the second, 8 more inches to the third, and 8 more to the fourth, which will end up 4 inches from the opposite end.  Make sure they’re all centered.

Pre-pilot all of the holes for your hooks, placing them so that the center of the hook is in the position you measured for.  In the photo below, the first 4 inch mark is in the middle of the hook, and the two holes for the screws are on either side of that mark.


Once you have all your holes drilled, anchor the hooks.

Now you can mark the spots for your mounting screws.  We used three, 2 inch brass cabinet screws set in-between the hooks (centered) at 8, 16, and 24 inches measured from one end of the wood.


Pre-pilot these three holes.


Ready to hang!  Have a level handy if you’re anal about that kind of thing like we are.

Once you’ve found the sweet spot, mount away!


Don’t rest until it’s perfect.  Wait…I mean…do your best.

IMG_1276 (1)


IMG_1797 (1)


Pictures don’t do justice to how beautiful it is.  I’m in love.  With my husband, of course.  And the coat rack a little bit too.


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