Technical Difficulties

Houston, we have a problem.

I had to take a day or so before writing this so as to not fill it with expletives and ranting. If I’m being totally honest, there may still be some ranting.  I’m only human, after all.

Here’s the deal.


I recently noticed that a few of my blog posts weren’t loading the (many) photos in them.  But I shrugged it off thinking it was just my computer being silly, as it has been known to be at times.

Not so.

The problem persisted, and upon further examination, it was not just my silly laptop.  I got to the bottom of the problem yesterday, and then last night…I pouted.

Here’s what happened.  After publishing said blog posts, I deleted the photos from the WordPress media library.  And my computer storage.  And my phone (which I had used to take the photos).  Aren’t I thorough?

My reason for deleting the photos was this: my phone is low on storage, so in order to continue to take photos, I need to make space by deleting those I no longer need.  Like a series of step-by-step recipe photos, for example.  I didn’t see why I would need to continue to take up space on my computer with these same photos, and I suppose the same thought process took place as it pertained to keeping the photos in the blog’s media library.

When I deleted the photos from the media library, they were no longer stored on WordPress, which meant that they could no longer be displayed on the blog.  This wouldn’t have been much more than an annoyance, but I had to be an over-achiever and delete all copies of the photos.

So I learned this lesson the hard way.

If you’re reading this and you have a WordPress blog, do not…I repeat DO NOT delete your photos from the media library.

That is all.

Oh, and I will be taking new sets of photos to replace the ones that were lost.  Just as soon as I can free up enough space on my phone.  The struggle is real, people.  (I know a camera would solve this problem AND take better photos, but cameras don’t grow on trees…if ya know what I mean.)

That is all.  Really.

2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. I feel your pain. Blogging since 2011 has taught me so many lessons dealing with technical difficulties. Taking pictures, deleting pictures to make space for more pictures, I agonize a lot about that subject. Almost every week I remember a great picture I took in the past only to find out I deleted it in a housekeeping frenzy.

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